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Sometimes, technical mistakes can produce rather amusing results!

This photo was taken on a cold winter day and I had put my neutral density filter between my teeth while I changed my lens.  It was getting dark, so it completely escaped me that the filter was now all fogged up!


I am not sure what happened with this one – probably a very dirty lens!


Slide Show of the Nordic Diaries

Watch this new video I made with Ezvid:

If anybody knows of software with better resolution, please let me know!

Odd Formats

Greenland seems to be made for Odd Format Pictures!  With gorgeous landscapes all over, the pictures are almost beginning for panoramic formats.  I had these pictures done in 20 x 10 prints and must say that they look completely at home like that!

nordictrip-448-of-1033untitled (34 of 253)cruising-icebergs

Fall is Here!

Fall used to make me sad.  Being Scandinavian, I could not bear to lose the sunshine and the long days.  Now that I have lived in California for almost 20 years where the weather seems to get warmer every year, I treasure the cooler temperatures and the many photo ops!

I went to my beloved Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago where the colors where just beginning to turn.  How can these warm colors not put a smile on your face!?

Get a Life!

Some people may find it slightly sad that my four-legged neighbors give me such joy!  Having lived most of my life in Cities, I am just enchanted with the nocturnal visits that I have every night around sunset.  For 11 years now, I have a new generation of raccoons arriving each summer with Momma Raccoon proudly showing off her babies and have lately also made friends with a family of skunks and possums.  The beauty of it all is that they all get along and that MeiMei the cat patiently waits for them every evening so that they may dine together.
If all these species can live together in peace, why, pray, can we not?!

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