Without starting one of my usual political rants, the idea of leaving America started on Election Night 2016.  In a crystal clear moment, I thought I saw what this country would be become under this new Administration, but little did I know how far it would go and how miserable I would become in this country that I made mine 23 years ago.

This year with the outbreak of Covid-19, the seed that had started growing blossomed as quickly as the virus and I have started my countdown with a heavy heart.  So heavy that I cannot bear it alone and so this blog begins.  It may only turn into a personal diary or I may choose to share it – only time and my roller coaster emotions will tell.

I had dreamed of driving across the country to documents my final weeks in America via the Southern Route.  Instead, we are Sheltering in Place, not fit to be seen in public and too financially crippled to travel!  I have therefore started documenting my immediate world and started with what is still to me the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco!

Here is a little movie that I made with my new gadget and best friend, the Osmo Pocket from DJI.  I will not win any Pulitzer prices and desperately need to wash my window shield, but I will let Tony Bennett guide you down Lombard Street towards the beautiful Bay!

Press the HD button in the right hand corner for a better viewing experience:

Disclaimer:  This page is dedicated to memories and thoughts, not perfectly composed pictures and videos!!!  No toe-curling or cringing over tilted horizons, please!

The streets of San Francisco are still quite empty and most people are wearing masks outdoors which I find rather reassuring, but that is a debate that we do not need to have here or blood will surely be shed!  For those of you not living here, masks and social distancing have become a partisan issue causing endless insults on Social Media, on TV and even at the daily press briefings of the White House!  What happened to leading through example, one can ponder…


Covid-19 has brought us one gift which is the improved air- and water quality across the globe.  May be learn a lesson from this and find alternative and better ways to treat our planet!!!!

This was me in February of 1997 when I came over for a week of skiing and picked out my new home in Japantown/Fillmore District.  Locals will know this building as the former Winterland.  Although originally a skating rink, it became the concert venue to many famous rock stars such as ELO, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and Bruce Springsteen.


Winterland in 1977:


Twenty years ago, rent for this two-bedroom apartment was $1800 and my company paid half.  Today, it is at $4620!  Granted, they upgraded the place, but this is another reason for not staying in San Francisco.

Pleasant Hill, California, May 27, 2020

America is Rising!

My aim was initially to avoid political rantings, but the current climate is making it impossible not to be affected by the total chaos around us.  We have now been Sheltering in Place for almost 3 months, but the number of cases are rising in 22 states, including California.  States like Florida, Arizona and Georgia have opened up much too early and people are now gathering in large crowds to protest after the murder of a black man by the Police.  Needless to say, I support the movement, but I dare not participate in any demonstrations right now because of Covid-19 and the violence that has started escalating.  All across America, there is looting and destruction and tempers are flying.  Some of those people with a temper come heavily armed and it probably will not be long before tragic events will occur.

Instead, I am posting pictures from previous demonstrations in San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek:

I truly hope that George Floyd’s very sad death will contribute to long-lasting  healing of a racist America.

Pleasant Hill, California, June 13, 2020

The next Chapter will be dedicated to my Safe Haven, Lake Tahoe!