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Birthday in Napa

Being 8 and having a birthday during the Coronavirus is not easy!  My little friend Hailey got some help from the local First Responders in Napa who showed up en masse and made her day so special.  The music is by her father and it was played on local radio stations during this morning!  What an uplifting experience during these difficult times!

Needless to say, this movie will not be winning any Pulitzer price, but I am sharing it to show how a community in Northern California came together to help a loving father while remaining responsible during confinement!

Make sure to click the HD icon at the bottom of the screen for a better viewing experience!

Our Children

60 million people are currently displaced because of war, persecution, famine, climate and other disasters.  For those of us who cannot grasp numbers of such magnitude, that is roughly the entire population of France or that of the US West Coast if we include Arizona and Nevada.

You may feel helpless or think that it is not your problem.  I would like to be bold and say that it is everybody’s problem.  Not only is none of us an island – rather, we are all interconnected as humans and have a moral duty to help each other.  These people could be us, might be us sooner than we know it.  I truly feel that we cannot ignore the fact that there are 60 million souls out there who are traumatized, desperate, hurt, afraid, hungry, and angry.  Many of them are children who have been separated from their families and have not received any love or education for years.  What kind of people do you think they will grow up to be?  Balanced, loving people ready to take on a job and participate in a daily routine?  How do you think they will feel about us, the people who turned their backs on them?  We are creating a whole generation of children who are living through horrors we cannot imagine and who are in deep need of a future.  We must help ensure that this future holds kindness and hope. Failure in doing so, and pardon my cynicism, may very well create an army of millions of angry people and disillusioned souls who may not think very kindly on us.

I sadly have no children of my own, but am fully convinced that children are our future and that nothing is more important than our kids.  History will judge how we chose to ignore refugees, how we refused to treat this planet like their (and our) future home and how we are at risk of failing the kids in our own backyard.

To this I say:

Humanity First

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