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Digging up Old Photos!

I found some old photos taken in 2009 with an old point and shoot camera which probably had something like 4 mega pixels!

Lesson learned:  You do not actually need the latest and most fancy camera – ouch…


Let’s do the Time Warp again!

One of the aspects of Japan that I find so captivating is its ability to combine East and West, Old and New.  Anachronisms live in perfect harmony with one of the most modern countries in the world and it is a joy to experience!

The first four photos here are from Asakusa (take the Ginza or Asakusa Line by subway) and the last one is from Kyoto (take the Shinkansen, the Bullet Train, from Tokyo or Shinagawa Station).  Please note that it is less expensive to buy the Shinkansen tickets on-line outside of Japan!)


A very moving visit to the city that was hit on August 6, 1945.

We owe it to history and ourselves to witness important moments in time.  While it was very difficult to see the Atomic Dome and visit the Museum of Peace, I felt an immense sense of dignity and hope for a better future.
Tip:  All Nippon Airlines is currently running a promotion on domestic flights making it faster and less expensive to go to Hiroshima from Haneda Airport.

The Tsukiji Fishmarket

I love walking around the rustic fish market in Tsukiji in Tokyo.  Only a subway stop away from Higashi-Ginza and you find yourself in a different world and different times.  Sadly enough, the Tsukiji has outgrown its space and is moving to a different location in Toyusu.

First blog post

Shanghai is a beautiful modern city, but it does have its backstreets behind the glitter.  I was lucky enough to get lost while searching for the YuYuan Tea Garden and came across some interesting characters:

Backstreets of Shanghai.jpg

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