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Cats are Magic!

Growing up, I was frightened of cats.  They seemed unpredictable, mysterious and generally not of much interest.  It was not until I had my first cat, Bigoudi, in my twenties that I discovered how magic these beautiful creatures are!

Ol’ Blue Eyes

It looks like Pixoto Members found this beautiful cat just as irresistible as I did!


The Sled Dogs of Greenland

Once you cross the Arctic Circle, only the Greenland Sled Dogs are allowed (and they are not allowed south of the Circle!).  These beautiful creatures are definitely not pets, but working dogs.  They do get to vacation during the summer and you can see hundreds of them lying around the hills and towns.  Naturally, I could not resist approaching two tail wagging sweeties and was rewarded with joy and kisses


Get a Life!

Some people may find it slightly sad that my four-legged neighbors give me such joy!  Having lived most of my life in Cities, I am just enchanted with the nocturnal visits that I have every night around sunset.  For 11 years now, I have a new generation of raccoons arriving each summer with Momma Raccoon proudly showing off her babies and have lately also made friends with a family of skunks and possums.  The beauty of it all is that they all get along and that MeiMei the cat patiently waits for them every evening so that they may dine together.
If all these species can live together in peace, why, pray, can we not?!

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