Copenhagen is usually a very busy city, but ever since I landed end of last year, we have been on strict lockdown with only food shops open. I cannot even open a bank account and who knows how long this will last with the new strains showing up everywhere? I am pleased to see the respons of the Government here and feel fairly safe, but will admit to some cabin fever during these dark days. Luckily, I can still take out the camera when it is not too cold or pouring down, even though my tripod has not arrived yet. The lack of tripod is reflected in the pictures, so these are just a few Happy Snaps:

These pictures are of The Royal Guard, the Marble Church, Strøget (the famous Pedestrian Street – now with Mounties?), Amalienborg (home to the Queen), Nyhavn and old downtown streets.

It is terribly frustrating to know that there are all these lovely spots out there to (re)discover while we have to stay as safe as possible until the vaccines arrive! As it seems to be the case everywhere, there are delays here and as a relatively young person, I am last in line and probably will not see it until May. It seems awfully far away right now, I will admit and it is hard to envision a world back to normal at this point in history. But there will be Spring eventually…..