I had to say goodbye to three little beautiful, but very different souls within 6 months and thought that a few words honoring my sweet companions might alleviate the huge sens of loss that I am feeling today after saying goodbye to the last one 24 hours ago.

Clicquot was adopted in 2005 at the age of 9 weeks. It was love at first sight, but she was a fragile one. From feline herpes to flee allergy – there was always something. About two years ago, her kidneys started failing and it became time to say goodbye. That last night, I blew THC on her little face, hoping to make her feel a bit better. She bounced right back and the doctors were amazed. However, we knew that the kidneys would not get better and they did not. She managed to last 4 weeks after we left the only home she has known, but then her little body gave up. She was surrounded by a sweet vet and her two mothers and it was very peaceful. Rest In Peace, sweet Clicquot, forever La Grande Dame. Saying goodbye to you yesterday was truly heartbreaking.

Nobody knows where Saladin came from. He started showing up around 2006 or 2007 and it took me a couple of years just to get close to him. One day, he just gave up and threw himself on his back, thus offering me belly and throat. I have never met a more affectionate cat, nor a more annoying one. The drooling in the ear at 4 am, the very loud meowing and the constant need for attention could be a challenge, but when he stared at you adoringly, my heart swelled up and we would spoon the night away. He was probably around 20 at the end, deaf and with a good dose of dementia, but what a loving soul.

MeiMei started showing up in 2010 with Saladin. He was small and friendly and I was convinced that it was a girl, as the two were very loving towards each other. He got the name which means little sister in Mandarin, probably not the best name for a little boy who desperately wanted to meet a mate in the spring. It turns out he was leading a double life as Chandler and I suspect he may have picked other restaurants, too, but I loved having him. MeiMei was a big lover of other critters and would wait for the raccoons, possums and skunks every night for dinner time. He sadly disappeared around June.

Thank you for all the love, my sweet fur babies. Let’s hope that reincarnation thing works! Namaste.